Beon Energy Solutions and Class Plastics sign Australia’s largest solar Environmental Upgrade Agreement

February 19, 2017

Industry leading plastic manufacturer Class Plastics, with support from Beon Energy Solutions, will continues to reduce their environmental impact after signing Australia’s largest Environment Upgrade Agreement (EUA).
Through an EUA facilitated by the Wyndham Council, Class Plastics has obtained finance to enable energy efficiency through the installation of 365 kilowatts of solar panels resulting in an offset of more than 530 tonnes of CO2 annually.
Class Plastics Director, Daniel Carapellotti explained how the installation of the solar panels is expected to generate 490 MWh of electricity annually, resulting in savings of over $80,000 per annum for the company.
“We’re proud of our commitment to environmental sustainability. As an industry leader, it is important to lead the way in innovation and efficiency but not at the expense of the environment,” he said.
“The EUA has enabled an environmental solution to make even more economic sense and the investment in solar aligns with our energy efficiency objectives.”
General Manager of Beon Energy Solutions, Glen Thomson noted that the deployment of renewable generation is an increasing reality of Australia’s energy generation mix.
“Solar, wind power and energy storage are increasingly enabling energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon emissions. Market conditions, including high wholesale electricity and renewable certificate costs, coupled with falling solar costs, are driving customers to genuinely consider large scale solar solutions.
“At Beon, we’re proud of the role we’ve played in finding the right energy solutions for customers such as Class Plastics. As an energy solutions provider with a strong track record, we‘re excited about bringing innovative and tailored solutions to market for our customers.
“This project is a great example of how small and medium size organisations can leverage various financial incentives and explore different ways of taking control of their electricity consumption and costs. We applaud Class Plastics for their leadership and commitment to this project” he said.
The solar system, installed by Beon Energy Solutions, was completed in early February and is now generating energy for Class Plastics.

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