Beon Energy Solutions awarded contract to expand network to support Victoria’s Moorabool Wind Farm project

April 12, 2018

Victoria took another step towards reaching its renewable energy target today, with Beon Energy Solutions (Beon) signing a contract to design and construct the expansion of the Elaine Terminal Station and transmission line to support Goldwind Australia’s Moorabool Wind Farm development.

The expansion of the terminal station and 30-kilometre transmission line in western Victoria will allow an additional 321 MW of wind generation to connect to Victoria’s power network.

Australian Energy Operations (AEO), which was appointed by Goldwind to construct the connection, contracted Beon Energy Solutions to the project.

Beon’s General Manager, Glen Thomson, said he was pleased the organisation had been appointed to design, construct, operate and maintain the transmission assets.

“Victoria’s renewable energy sector is growing rapidly and Beon is pleased to be able to facilitate this growth by building the assets needed to support the expanding network,” Mr Thomson said.

“The expansion of the terminal station and transmission line will allow the completed Moorabool Wind Farm to deliver electricity into the National Electricity Market to power homes and businesses across Victoria.”

“Beon’s partnership with AEO means that we can offer global renewables developer’s end-to-end service in Australia’s renewable energy market.

“From financing, design, project management, and construction, to operations and maintenance, we are proud to offer a full service pathway to bring additional renewable generation to the Australian energy market.”

The Moorabool Wind Farm will connect to the grid via a 132 kV overhead powerline, connecting the northern Bungeeltap section and the southern Ballark section of the wind farm to the Elaine Terminal Station, near the Elaine township.

Once expanded, the Elaine Terminal Station will allow over 452 MW of renewable generation to connect to the National Electricity Market through the additional Moorabool Wind Farm connection.

This will significantly contribute to the Victoria’s Renewable Energy Target of 25 per cent by 2020.

Goldwind Australia Managing Director John Tichen said: “Moorabool Wind Farm is expected to produce approximately 900,000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity each year which will power approximately 183,000 Victoria homes, enough renewable electricity to supply 9 per cent of average homes in Victoria. We are pleased that we can partner with Beon and AEO to bring additional wind generation to the Australian energy market seamlessly.”