Beon Energy Solutions launches Reconciliation Action Plan

March 30, 2022

Leading energy solutions company Beon Energy Solutions (Beon) has launched its Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan to further expand its understanding and engagement with First Nations Australians.

This marks a significant milestone for Beon, which has been operating for more than five years delivering major renewable energy and infrastructure projects across Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Victoria.

Beon’s General Manager Glen Thomson said the company had consistently focused on making a positive contribution in the communities and regions where it works.

“Over the past few years Beon has actively engaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in our training, employment and procurement programs on the large-scale solar farms we have built,” Mr Thomson said.

“We have employed over 100 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women on renewable generation projects across multiple states.”

“We have also sought to educate our workers and managers on these projects about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture of the country they have been working on.”

“Beon is committed to the reconciliation process and we are demonstrating this by strengthening and formalising our approach through implementing out Innovate RAP.”

Beon’s Innovate RAP has the following goals:

  • Learning: Our workforce increase their understanding of and respect for Australia’s First Nation’s cultures, histories and their ongoing struggles and achievements.
  • Opportunities: Australia’s First Nations Peoples participate in and benefit from renewable energy projects that Beon builds on their lands and in their regions.

    Prof. Richard Frankland_Beon RAP Launch March 2022

“The rapid transition to renewable energy in Australia will bring huge economic opportunities for regional Australia,” Mr Thomson said.

“As a leader in building and maintaining these important projects, Beon is committed to ensuring that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, men and businesses are given every opportunity to not only participate in, but to benefit from this transition.”

Mr Thomson said he was pleased Beon had taken such an important step in the reconciliation process.

“We have a lot to do collectively to deepen our understanding and appreciation of Australia’s First Nations Peoples.

“The implementation of our Innovate RAP is just one small part of this process and one small part of a national movement towards creating a more inclusive and richer Australia from which we all stand to benefit.”

For more information or to view the RAP please click HERE.

Beon RAP Launch March 2022

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