Beon Energy Solutions sign contract to construct Jemalong Solar Farm in New South Wales

January 20, 2020

Beon Energy Solutions (Beon), the construction company that was recently awarded the contract to build the 60-megawatt Jemalong Solar Farm, will be conducting an information session on employment and procurement opportunities for the Jemalong Solar Farm at the Forbes Services Memorial Club on Thursday 23 January, at 6:00 p.m.

This session will be co-hosted by the Chandler Macleod Labour Hire Company, who Beon have engaged to oversee the employment program for the Jemalong Solar Farm. The information provided will include the different role types and opportunities, hours of work, transport options, working conditions and opportunities for local businesses.

Subject to final approvals and completion of road works, it is estimated that construction activities will commence in March 2020 and will be completed in the final quarter of 2020. There will be approximately 200 workers employed over the duration of the project with the majority of those being locally sourced. The two main areas of work will be on the electrical and mechanical side of construction.

In addition to the local employment opportunities, there will also be opportunities for local businesses, such as fencing contractors, cleaning services and transport companies to be involved in the project.

This will be the fifth large scale solar farm that Beon has built in regional Australia. Beon has a proven strong record for engaging and supporting the regional communities in which it has built large scale solar farms. In 2019 Beon was nominated as a finalist in the Clean Energy Council’s annual national awards in the area of Community Engagement.

For the Jemalong Solar Farm, Beon will continue to build on its ‘women in solar’ program that offers women training and support to gain employment in the burgeoning solar industry. Furthermore, Beon will be working closely with the Forbes Shire Council to look at ways in which employment opportunities can be created for drought affected farmers.

Beon Energy Solutions general manger, Glen Thomson, said, “We are looking forward to working with the local community in and around Forbes to construct the Jemalong Solar Farm, continuing our approach to support regional communities to build Australia’s renewable energy future.”

Once complete the Jemalong Solar Farm, that will be owned and operated by Genex Power Limited, and will produce enough energy to power approximately 23,000 homes per year.

About Beon Energy Solutions:

Beon Energy Solutions is a leader in the deployment of large-scale renewable energy and infrastructure projects, with extensive expertise in design, financing and construction.

Beon has an enviable track record of partnering with clients to reduce costs and project timelines, leading to faster commissioning without compromising safety and quality. Its clients include some of the largest electricity utilities, infrastructure developers, commercial and industrial companies and telecommunications network owners in Australia and overseas.

About Genex Power:

Genex Power is a power generation development company listed on the ASX. The Company is focused on innovative clean energy generation and electricity storage solutions which deliver attractive commercial returns for shareholders. The Company has a development pipeline of up to 770MW of renewable energy generation and storage projects within its portfolio.

For media inquiries phone Beon Energy Solutions media on 03 9683 4802.