Customer Case Study:

Residential: Solar and battery storage

Fast Facts

  • Location:

    Ballarat, Victoria
  • System size:

    5kW solar
  • Battery storage system:

    Tesla Powerwall

Ballarat-based App and Games developer, Matt Hall, is a perfect example of how the energy industry is evolving with customers having more choice now than ever before. His long held dream was to power his home and car with solar energy generated by panels on his roof and stored in a home battery system for use when he needed it. Following Tesla’s release of the Powerwall, this dream became reality and Matt became one of the first residents in Victoria to own a battery storage system.

Clearly passionate about environmental sustainability, Matt says he is proud to help drive the industry forward and believes it won’t be long before the purchase of a home battery system is commonplace. We think he’s right – watch this space.

Find out more about how Matt is living the dream.