Monster power transformer arrives in Elaine to connect wind farm to the grid

November 20, 2018

One of the state’s largest power transformers has snaked through regional Victoria today on its way to the township of Elaine, south of Ballarat, where it will connect the 321 MW Moorabool Wind Farm to the electricity grid.

The transformer was transported on a 48 metre trailer and, when fully assembled, will weigh 320 tonnes or the equivalent of an Airbus A330.

Travelling at 40 kilometres per hour, the transformer was escorted by VicRoads and started its journey at midnight on Monday from the docks at Port Melbourne.

It then travelled along the Princess Freeway through Werribee and Lara, bypassing Geelong and headed up through Bannockburn and Meredith. It is expected to arrive in Elaine at about midday today.

General Manager of Beon Energy Solutions Glen Thomson said the delivery of the transformer was a significant milestone in the construction of the expanded Elaine Terminal Station, which will have the capacity to convert enough wind energy from the Moorabool Wind Farm to power 200,000 homes.

“Transporting a piece of critical infrastructure of this size is a significant exercise in logistics, requiring careful planning and co-ordination with agencies such as VicRoads”, Mr Thomson said.

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