Beon Energy Solutions is a leader in the deployment of large-scale renewable energy and infrastructure projects, with extensive expertise in design, construction and maintenance. We have an enviable track record of partnering with clients to reduce costs and project timelines, leading to faster commissioning without compromising safety and quality.

Beon consists of a team of passionate energy experts that emerged from our parent company. We have a history of efficiency, reliability, and come from a company with a strong focus on safety and strong performance track record.

We are a company of passionate engineers. We like to tinker, to explore, and to test new and better ways of harnessing and using renewable energy.

Victoria is becoming a renewable powerhouse and Beon is proud to be part of the transformation.

Major projects

20 MW Hughenden solar farm in north-west Queensland

112 MW Karadoc solar farm near Mildura, Victoria

106 MW Yatpool solar farm near Mildura, Victoria

112 MW Bomen solar farm in Bomen, New South Wales

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Beon is committed to supporting the regions we work in and that means ensuring local businesses and the people who live in these communities benefit from investments in renewable energy.