Residential Solutions

The energy market is changing. Electricity costs continue to rise and more and more solutions are entering the market promising to help you reduce your bills. At Beon, we know electricity and we know the energy market in Australia. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, or install the latest technology to lower your electricity bill, we can help you explore your energy from every angle.

Beon Energy Solutions consists of a team of passionate energy experts that emerged from our parent company. We have a history of efficiency, reliability, and come from a company with a strong focus on safety and strong performance track record.

We are a company of passionate engineers. We like to tinker, to explore, and to test new and better ways of harnessing and using electricity.

When residential batteries first entered the Australian market, we spent months testing new products in different environments to understand how these products will impact electricity consumers.

We challenged ourselves by asking:
How installation would work with new and existing solar PV systems? What types of inverters allow for the most efficient conversion from DC to AC and therefor provide the most benefit?  Are the brand promises all they’re cracked up to be?

We know that the right energy storage solution for you might not be the biggest battery or the most popular brand and offer a variety of products and solutions to meet your needs.

Case studies

We work with customers across Australia on projects that range from residential installations through to utility scale generation. We can tailor solutions meet your needs and budget. Click below to hear from our partners.

Beon Energy Solutions were fantastic and very hands on. They did a home inspection quickly as well as organised the delivery of parts on time. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Matt Hall, Ballarat resident