Customer Case Study:

Manufacturing: CE Bartlett

Fast Facts

  • Customer:

    C.E Bartlett Pty Ltd
  • Location:

    Ballarat, Victoria
  • Daily energy usage:

    Average 685 kWh
  • System size:

    100kW solar
  • Energy savings:

    $20,032 (excl. GST) annually
  • Carbon savings:

    164,548 kg CO² per annum

The Customer

C.E Bartlett is a Ballarat based manufacturer of products made from canvas, PVC and other synthetic or speciality industrial textile fabrics, including blinds, tarps, awnings, wine press membranes, tank liners and grain covers etc. A family run business, founded in 1956, it operates four factories and exports globally.

The Opportunity

C.E Bartlett was motivated to purchase solar due to a desire to reduce operating costs in the factory. They wanted to operate the business sustainably so decided to install solar on the largest of their four factories as it had the highest power usage. Fortunately, the orientation of the building was almost perfect, with one side of the roof facing due north. It was estimated that the business could achieve savings of 35–40 per cent and that the savings would be for the life of the system.

The Solution

Beon Energy Solutions’ team conducted an in-depth analysis of both the site’s physical elements and energy requirements to engineer a 100kW system which best met the needs of C.E Bartlett. The system was designed and installed flush against the roof of the main factory. This was to maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of the building, whilst providing the most cost-effective solution to the customer. The project had to be navigated around a large air-conditioning installation already underway yet the team were still able to complete the job two days ahead of schedule.