Utility & Infrastructure

We understand that speed to market is critical in large-scale infrastructure projects. So we do more than just design, construct, and implement effective solutions for you. We partner with you to identify areas where we can reduce project timelines and save money, leading to faster commissioning without compromising safety or standards. We do this by creating teams that are passionate about what they do and are committed to exploring energy from every angle.

Our team has extensive expertise covering:

  • Electricity and telecommunications design
  • Survey and drafting
  • Material procurement
  • Overhead and underground line construction
  • Substation and terminal station construction
  • Asset maintenance
  • Operational assets management
  • Specialist metering services
  • Constructing, owning and operating electricity transmission assets
  • Connecting generation assets and load requiring assets to the existing electricity network.

Our clients include Australia’s largest electricity utilities, infrastructure developers, commercial and industrial clients, and telecommunications network owners.

Our ‘energy from every angle’ approach means we exceed client expectations on project delivery, safety, environment and service continuity. This commitment to our customers, their communities and our people is underscored by our passion, experience and company culture.