Energy from
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Utility & Infrastructure

Beon has a breadth of experience in managing and deploying large scale design and construction projects including major electrical infrastructure lines and tower projects for transmission and distribution arrangements, whole of network maintenance, substation and terminal station construction and augmentation projects.

Business Solutions

The energy market is changing and we understand you want to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about rising energy prices. We partner with you to identify efficiency opportunities through energy management, load shedding and business solar and energy storage with the latest in proven technologies.


Beon is a leader in the deployment of large-scale renewable energy and infrastructure projects, with extensive expertise in design, construction and maintenance. We are a group of energy experts that have a passion for electricity. Let us help you explore your energy from every angle.

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Our world is changing. We won’t sit back and wait to see what to do, that’s just not who we are. We want to lead the way. To find new ways to do what we do better, to explore new horizons and discover something new.

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